My name's Trevor but some people call me Ant. Well actually, nobody calls me Ant. Ant comes from my middle name, Antony, which I always liked better than my first name. So you can call me Ant. Or Trevor. Whatever works for you. Anyway, I'm an illustrator who likes to draw. That's kinda redundant isn't it? What illustrator doesn't like to draw? That's the sole reason most people want to be an illustrator. Thats why I wanted to be an illustrator. I'm also bad at most other things so illustration seemed like the right route. Guess we'll see if it works out, eh. One of my favorite things about illustration is telling stories. I love good stories. I love bad stories. I just love stories. If you have a story, I probably wanna hear it. Some of my favorite stories usually revolve around monsters and the macabre. I love horror stories. I also love cartoons. That tends to be my "style"; a combination of gruesome, but also kinda cute and funny. I just try to make pictures that make me smile, even if they're sad or depressing subjects. Like death. or murder. or stepping in gum the first time you wear a new pair of shoes. I just wanna draw pictures I like to look at. And that others might dig too. Some turn out better than others. Either way, I always try to make my next piece better than my last and scribble whatever inspires me, whether it's zombies, mummies, skeletons, cartoons, music, good jokes, bad jokes, Halloween, the number 18, blood, guts, gore,  

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